The Right Way about Application of Argan Oil For Hair:


Argan oil is commonly known as liquid gold. It comes from the argan tree, which contains nut-like fruits consists of oily kernels in Morocco. It is totally organic and mostly present in pure form. Argan oil application is quite easy and provides so many beneficial effects. It is a perfect tool to enhance your beauty. Moreover, it packed with fatty acids, vitamins, and anti-oxidant, which give proper care protection.

The extraction needs intensive labor, which takes at least 15-20 hours. Then produces only 1 liter. It is the reason that makes Argan oil quite expensive. It smells feels like a nutty aroma and a very light, pleasant texture.

Best Application For Hair

Everything has some right ways to do. There are a few ways to use as an application of Argan oil. These ways are given batter regarding treatment. The ways are as follows:

As A Styling Product:

   Different hairdo on daily basis causing hair damage. Using Argan oil hair styling product gives smoother effects to your hair. It also protects your hair from heating damaging and frizz. The right way to apply to the hair that takes just one and two drops of oil on the palm and rub it with your hands together. After the gives some light massage scalp to the tip of the hair. Then styling your hair whatever you want. This application makes your hair damage.

Use Argan oil As A Hair Mask:

It is an easy task to make an Argan oil mask. By the use of pure oil, you can easily make it. If you do not want to directly apply to your hair. You can mix it with other oil such as coconut oil or castor oil. It will give batter nourishment and also enhances its features. The technique of the application of hair mask consists of the following steps:

  Take few drops of oil on the palm and rub it. Apply it on the hair to the scalp to tip and massage it lightly at least for 10 to 15 minutes. Then cover your hair with a towel to make it warmer. This wrapping continues overnight, then wash it the next morning, and styling your hair whatever you want.

Use Argan oil Containing Shampoo:

Now a day, there are so many different branded companies that make Argan oil containing shampoo.  It is also easy to make your shampoo. This shampoo gives dual effects. For the making of shampoo you have to follow the following steps:

Take some amount of shampoo into your palm then add some drops of Argan oil on it. Then allow mixing it as well and applying it on hair then rinsing it with luck warm water. Repeat this process at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Hair Conditioner:

After ordinary shampoo application of conditioner is necessary. But if you applying Argan oil shampoo you can skip your conditioner routine. If you want to enhance your hair smoothness you can make your own Argan oil conditioner by following some steps:

Wash your hair with shampoo after wash towel-dry your hair. After dry take few drops and apply them to your hair. Dry your hair and style whatever you want. This process applies twice a week.


Only a few drops of Argan oil make you healthier. The excessive and overuse of it can give side effects also.

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