Relation of happiness with fitness and health

The relation of happiness with fitness and health is quite underrated. People ignore the importance of fitness when stressed or anxious. They try to indulge in different activities to keep their minds off from worries and thoughts. Little did they know that physical fitness is the best way to keep them positive and confident through their difficult days.

Exercise and mental health

Exercise is a long term affirmative producing response in a stressed-out body and mind. Being physically active for a minimum of thirty minutes a day will generate a positive attitude in a body towards life. Research shows that exercise produces the same effect on the brain that any antidepressant will have. Hence, keeping up the physical and mental health in balance.

Exercise gives your boring life a meaning. You have a mission to start your day with. Keeping exercise as your to-do list will be a mood and confidence booster. Reaching your daily fitness goal and physical activity will help keep you motivated throughout the day towards your goals. And the sense of achievement will boost your confidence for further accomplishments. Hence, keeping you happy and inspired most of the time. 

Science behind the relationship of fitness and happiness

It is not some kind of magic that exercise and fitness are keeping us happy and motivated. There is a complete science behind it that explains the relation of happiness with fitness and health.

When a person exercises or workout and keeps himself physically active through any means, the body increases its blood flow to the brain and stimulates the release of special hormones, such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. These hormones are released in response to increased physical activity.

Endorphins are natural pain killers. They help in the reduction of discomfort and increases body self-esteem. Serotonin helps a person to sleep properly and be more calm and stable in his state. At the same time, dopamine is a happiness hormone. It reminds the body to do work and actions that make it feel good. It triggers the pleasure and wellness centers in the brain.

Moreover, the increased physical activity also helps boost the body’s immunity by increasing the body’s immune responses. It enables the body to fight any upcoming infections and protect them from illness.

Also, exercises help the body normal regulatory mechanisms like heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol level, breathing rate, etc., to regulate efficiently and hence protect the body from chronic illness and keep the body fit and healthy.

Bottom line

The bottom line is the key to remain happy and healthy lies in the mystery of self-love and self-recognition. The act of self-love will help you to be on the right track with focused missions. Therefore, it is significant to give time to yourself for your success and happiness. As the relation of happiness with fitness and health is quite strong and evident.

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