Is Gaming Addiction And How To Overcome It?

Gaming addiction is for real, we cannot deny this fact. It is equally harmful to health as alcohol and drugs. Not in terms of physical health directly, but devastated to mental health. Like every other addiction, it sounds fun and entertainment then you too far and boom, you have got yourself addicted to a particular game. In other words, it is enslavement, and especially the youth of the 21st century is a major target.

If you know someone who might be getting addicted to video games or you are one of them, there is still time to get rid of this crazy habit and save an individual. But how do you do it? Well, that is why here we are to help you recognize the symptoms and work on it.

Symptoms of Gaming Addiction

The first step is to identify the symptoms if you or someone else has this addiction or not. Here are some of the most common signs.

Spending hours playing games

The person spends more time on gaming than on other essential tasks. And he does not have guilt on the time he wastes in front of the screens. Also, even after playing for a whole day, there is “just one more” that keeps him going.

Neglecting studies and work

It is an alarming situation if one calls off school or work just to stay home, playing games. Refreshing ming through activities, including gaming, is not a bad idea, but when you start skipping important work for fun, you need to seek help.

Ignoring family

This one is obvious. An addicted gamer would like to choose his game over the family. Also, there is nearly no socializing at all. If any of your young family member has started to eat his meal in front of the computer screen, you need to take notice because it’s too late.

Spending more money on games than essentials

All the pocket money or most of the earning goes to the new versions and updates of the game a person is addicted to. This is another confirmed sign.

How to overcome Gaming Addiction?

Like other addictions, this one can also be difficult if the person is holding it for a long time. However, there are some helpful tips to prevent and overcome this bad habit.

Don’t stop all of a sudden

Stoping all of a sudden will create a void and get you back to it after some time with more insanity. Do it slowly and gradually. Start cutting down the time to control yourself over it.

Play in moderation

Set limits while you are about to play. If necessary, set alarms.

Find some healthy hobbies

Discover the other interests that benefit you and replace it with gaming.

Get into physical activities

Involving yourself into physical activities will help on a major level. Try to choose an outdoor activity like cycling, swimming, or any other sports.

Include your family

Ask your family to play with you. This way, both people will look after each other.

Seek help

Keep an eye on your mental health and when you feel needed, ask for help. Talk to someone, what do you feel about the game.

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