How To Lose 5Kg In A Week Without Exercise?

Either you landed here by chance, or you are also searching for a shortcut to lose 5kg in a week without exercise. One thing to be clear before you continue reading this article is; every person’s body responds differently. To lose that much weight in a short time seems impossible even if you fast all day long. But somehow if you follow some tips and avoid certain things, it might turn out well.

Tips to Lose 5Kg In A Week

So you are eager to lose weight because the special wedding is around the corner and you can’t fit in your favourite dress. Or because your college reunion party is near and you are feeling embarrassed to show up with extra fat. Well whatever the reason is, we are here to help o you get the motivation to lose weight and feel confident.

Cut off all calories

Want to get rid of extra kgs? Say no to every single calory. When you are on a plan to lose extra fat, especially without considering exercise, cutting off calories from your diet is most essential. After all, getting into shape demands some sacrifices.

Avoid everything sweet

Another thing you need to strictly avoid is everything sweet. Yes, te candies, chocolate bars, desserts and even the sugary drinks. You can take homemade juices and smoothies as long as they are healthy and don’t have any weight gaining ingredient.

Reduce the intake of caffeine & tea

When on a mission to lose 5kg in a week, reduce the number of cups you drink. But if you are addicted to caffeine, drinking the black one will help to burn the fat. Heavily loaded with milk, cream, and chocolate will not serve the purpose.

Drink warm water in the morning

This is one of the most common practices suggested by dietitians. Drinking lukewarm water early morning helps to improve the digestive system and strengthens the metabolic system. With good metabolism, you are likely to lose weight faster. Also, adding some lemon juice to the glass will be refreshing.

Never skip breakfast

Many people usually don’t consider the importance of breakfast. Never skip the most crucial meal of the day if you want to lose weight. Early morning meal triggers a process known as thermogenesis, which stimulates the metabolism. The study proves that breakfast boosts metabolism more than any other meal. If you want, you can skip dinner but must take a healthy breakfast.

Skip vehicle and elevators

It is understandable if, for any reason, you are avoiding exercise. But not everything is depending on your diet. You need to stretch some muscles to burn body fat, especially from your lower abdominal area. And there is nothing more best than having short walks. Going to do grocery just two lanes away, walk. Need to reach the third floor, take stairs instead of elevators or lift. In the beginning, it will be difficult. But when you get used to it once, you will feel more active and light-weighted.

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