Dental hygiene maintenance at home

A person’s mouth is actually the most essential thing to take care of. It serves as a gateway for many microbes to enter our bodies. Also, it’s an accurate representation of a person’s personality. People notice your teeth the first thing when you smile or talk. Therefore due to immense importance, maintaining dental hygiene is significant.

Dental hygiene should be a part of the everyday routine. It should not depend on dental visits and dental. Although the dental visits are excellent for maintaining proper oral care, keeping the oral cavity clean and healthy is in one’s hand.

            “Your mouth is the explicit representation of your personality.”

Keeping up with good dental hygiene doesn’t take much of your effort. It just needs consistency. Sustaining a good set of teeth is crucial for a lifetime.

There are many ways you can keep up with the required dental hygiene at home. These home remedies will help you sustain your pearly whites’ shine with the maintenance of complete oral care.

Remedies to practice at home for proper dental hygiene

Brushing twice a day

Brushing your teeth twice a day is recommended to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The habit of brushing after breakfast and before sleep will not let the plaque remain on the teeth. Hence the effective removal of plaque from the tooth surface is the best way to maintain proper dental care.


Cleaning the in between tooth surfaces from a dental floss is mandatory to avoid food accumulation in contact points. Flossing removes the invisible food particles and plaque from the contact surfaces. It is hence reducing the risk of any hidden dental cavity.

Use of a mouthwash

Using mouthwash to gargle will help promote healthy gums and reduce any bad breath or odor. It is advisable to use a mouthwash after every meal or twice a day. The fluoride component in the mouthwash will maintain the mineralized portion of the teeth intact.

Lukewarm water gargles

Gargling using lukewarm water with a pinch of salt is the best home remedy to avoid any sensitivity and gum issues. Making it a habit in your daily oral care will make your mouth refreshing and healthy for an extended period.

Clean your tongue

The tongue is a critical component of a mouth. It is often ignored while cleaning the teeth. But to maintain proper oral care, clean your tongue as well with a tongue scraper. It will reduce the prevalence of microbes and also improves bad breath.

Use a fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride is essential for tooth health. The frequent fluoride application on the tooth surface will help it keep up with its mineralized content and reduce the risk of caries.

In conclusion, these remedies are beneficial for maintaining good dental hygiene. And its efficacy will depend on how you utilize these remedies in your daily oral care. But, besides practicing these remedies, dental visits should never be ignored. And a complete dental checkup from a specialized person is mandatory.

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