Common Exercises Mistake that Stops You Getting The Result

I have been in the fitness industry for more than 8 years and worked with many brands including MuscleBlaze where I got a chance to interact with various persons with different Common Exercises body requirements. Somehow I managed to get them their best version with the right knowledge of nutrients and Common Exercises

I categorized people into two groups as per their fitness results, first who are unaware of their body’s nutritional requirements which MuscleBlaze has successfully solved with its various supplements. And the second group who were unable to get their fitness results despite spending hours in the gym. When I got some queries related to this in my personal mail and insta account, I met almost all of them to know where they went wrong.

I realized that although they are working out very hard,  they are making some common exercise mistakes which should be stopped at the beginning of their training journey. When I enquired about that almost everyone was saying that they had started their exercises without any expert surveillance. Soon, I realized how tough my work is going to be.

I worked for 3 months with them in their exercises and successfully managed to tackle the common mistakes they used to do while doing exercises. In this article, I will light on those common mistakes which I found in my 8 years journey so frequently so that you can learn from other’s mistakes because it is wise to do so.

  • Underestimating Warm-Up Exercises: Warm-up exercises are as important as the main course training if not more. People often ask me that in my last session of the same exercises I managed to lift more than today. What is wrong . Have I lost my strength? These are some of the common questions I get in various forms but the answer is quite the same: you have not done warm-up exercises. Most of you readers out there are unable to make sense of it but it’s true. When you directly jump to the heavy exercises, your muscles are in shock, they don’t know how to react as they are in a passive state. In short, they are not ready for the heavyweights. If you do a warm-up, your muscles will know in which direction the body is going to perform and what would be their function. Try with some warm-up exercises and then do the lightweights only after that move to heavyweights. You may realize the difference.
  • Not being consistent: Muscles break and rebuild continuously when you exercise daily. If you are not participating in your workout you can tear your muscle and get recovered in a gap but you can’t build your muscles the way you want.  Inconsistency in your training can lead you to the risk of muscle injury. Without being consistent, you can not build that strength that leads you to achieve even nearer to your fitness goals. People workout a day very intensely and rest all 4 days in a week and assume to get the desired results. Rather than if they do 4 days of work out in a week with not that much intensity, they will get better results. Do the exercises with the proper rest during the training. Needn’t do the intense exercises with short intervals as this can be challenging for beginners and you will not be able to focus on the particular muscles. Stay hydrated and take your supplements in between. But be consistent.
  • Right Posture: Rather than achieving good posture, many people focus on lifting heavyweights. No matter how much weight you keep in your repetition, without the right posture, it is quite impossible to get the desired results.  Only the right posture helps your exercises to impact on the particular part of the body where these exercises are meant to impact.  For instance: what do you think where should the barbell deadlift impact most? In, thighs, upper back, and hands but mostly in the lower back.  But without keeping your back straight, you can’t achieve the proper effects on your lower back. Instead of that, your weight is impacting the hands and legs. And I am sure that are not your targeting points for exercises. Now you must be wondering why so much emphasis on the posture of the lower back, anybody can do that. Actually no.  With heavy weights it is quite hard to maintain the posture, you have to do the lower back strengthening exercises separately to achieve that level of strength. This is also true for the ABS crunches. People generally bend down their head while doing crunches. The right posture in ABS crunches is keeping your head and lower back straight. People are in very wrong practice even though I have faced trouble to make them understand as they started arguing harshly. While pushing up, people are usually unable to pull their stomach which is quite dangerous for your lower back too. The right posture is to straighten the back.  Also people should keep their hands on the straight line of shoulders for better posture.

These are some of the counterproductive workout habits that are very hard to leave once they have matured. It is always better to tackle them in the beginning of your fitness journey to get the optimal results. The simplest way to avoid them is to do the training under an expert’s guidance. Don’t get diverted from your fitness goals.

You can change the exercises but all the exercises you pick should lead you toward only one fitness goal. It is always better to measure your posture and improvement by asking your trainer. It would be better and very helpful if you use any tracking app or you can have a fitness partner who can help you to watch your fitness direction.

While doing exercises, make sure that these exercises are impacting the same part of your body that these are meant to be. So, tie up your shoes and hit the gym as hard as never before.

A great way to boost your exercise performance and amp up your muscle building is to consume whey protein regularly. It is the best form of protein as it’s packed with all 9 essential amino acids. It helps you in building lean muscles, strengthening your muscles, and enhancing muscle recovery.

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