Cell Phone Addiction and Its Treatment:


In this era, a cell phone addiction (nomophobia) is the fastest spiriting addiction in the young generation. Nomophobic means fear of being without your cell phone. However, a cell phone has become an important tool to stay connected and active.  The more use of it gives harmful effects also. Sometimes, your work is belonging to a computer, laptop, or cell phone. It is the part of your work, and you cannot alternate it. This is not an addiction. The addiction is engaging with your cell phone with or without any reason. While playing different online games, using social media apps, online shopping daily person change their behavior and become somehow, aggressive. Regarding these cell phone addiction, treatment becomes more necessary to make it normal.

Treatment Of Cell Phone Addiction:

 It is one of the most leading addiction categories found all over the world. However, it is part of behavior addiction. The reason behind the treatment is that it gives a negative impact on behavior. However, cell phone addiction treatment is based on different therapies, which allow you to quit the overuse of it. These therapies are designed in two parts individual therapy and grouped therapy.

Individual Therapies:

Individual therapies are performed as an individual patient. This therapy comprises of different counseling sessions and medication therapy. Individual therapy plays a positive role in the rehabilitation of any behavior changes and addictions. Individual therapies are as followed:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

In this individual therapy, the focus is on changes in negative behavior, thought, feeling, habits, and other things. These things encourage the bad thought in their mind. This is the most effective individual therapy. Cognitive behavior therapy help to change their mindset and moved their mind towards other physical activities.

Motivational Therapy:

In motivational therapy is focus to build positive changes in their mind. In this individual therapy make a person capable to discover other ability by own. Because of the motivational therapy affected person can easily identify that what is right or wrong for him. It helps to promote the capability of a person and build affective mind thought.

Meditational Therapy:

There are so many pharmacological drugs are present which help to reduce their addiction effects. These drugs can easily aware able in pharmacy. FDA does not consider them to treat cell phone addiction. FDA only considers psychotherapy to rehabilitate this gauged or internet addiction. These drugs give positive results when used in a limit. It’s overused can damage your brain and causing other psychological diseases as well.

Group Therapies:

In group addiction therapies are performed in rehabilitation centers. These centers promote treatment without any harmful effects. In the group form, patients take less time in recovery. Moreover, This therapy enhances group guarding, interaction, behavior changes, and other physical activities. Group therapies aim to provide patients comfortable zone in a particular area with the same age group. This aim gives a positive response to the rehabilitation of addicted patients. Some of the following group therapies are performed in the rehabilitation centers these are:

Make A Group Guarding:

Group guarding is a key of a person to introduce you to others. In a group addicted people have a chance to enhance their physical guarding and improve themself. This group therapy works to improve their talking skill, self-confidence, interaction skill, and physical appearance. Group therapy makes a person peaceful and enhances their ability to polish their capability. However, it is behavior therapy, but it is working on behavior changes and fights with mental illness.

Practicing Mindfulness:

In this group therapy play a role to manage the thought, feeling, and behavior. It is another way to rescue you from the bad feeling. About this group therapy, all the game depends upon your mind. Once your mind becomes peaceful, it becomes easier to focus on other therapies. However, the best example of this therapy is to perform yoga and listen to your breathing. This technique makes your mind peaceful and more focused on treatment.

Group Playing:

Another way to improve your mental health is a group playing. When a person plays in a group of same age people feel more comfortable. Physical activity and mental health are directly proportional to each other. It means that if you are physically active, it makes you mentally healthy as well. In the game activity session, choose those games, which involve physical activity and game strategies as well. These games are such as football, basketball, cards playing and so on. Furthermore, these games enhance physical activity and also improve their thinking capability.

Music Therapy:

Everyone loves music however whatever which categories they want. Music therapy is another skill-based therapy. In which a person welcome music to tune in to their life. Furthermore, in this group therapy trained addicted people by improving their musical skills.  In this therapy not only work on musical instrument skill but in also enhances other musical activity. These activities are singing a group song, making song lyrics, discover different musical tunes by other local things, for example, glass with water and without water, etc.

Group Exercises:

If you want an active and focused mind so do exercise on daily basis. In addicted person, they have behavior issues because their mind is only focused toward bad habits. For the positive changes, it is important to exercise to make your mind fresh. Sometimes, for addicted person group exercises are designed according to their capability. Most of the time stretching exercises prefer for addicted patients. These exercises help to make them physically active and improve mental health as well. 

Family Time:

Although, in a rehabilitation center, more often design group therapies to stay comfortable. These rehabilitation centers also design family time in their seagull. The reason behind this therapy is to take a part of an interest in a family matter. This method also helps to build responsibility and improve thinking ability to solve family matters.


Everything should be used to stay within limits whatever, the thing is. To become a successful person, you have to plan your day. It will make you perfect and permit you to give equal time to each activity.

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