Cell Phone Addiction And Its Problems Cause:


Cell phone addiction another name nomophobia, which means fear of being without a cell phone. The other related cell pathologies textaphrenia (fear to cannot send and receive a text) and phantom vibrations (false thoughts about your phone such as your phone are you’re alerting you when it is not). A nomophobia is the leading phone pathology in all of this. It is one of the major or leading addiction categories found in young adults, and somehow, adults are too affected. Cell phones, tablets, or computers/laptops are usually a time taking tool. Continuous uses of these tools are not only consumed their time but, it is affecting your studies and other work routines as well. However, cell phone makes our life easier but too much use of, it affects your life very badly.

Cell Phone Addiction Problems Cause:

Being a person, it is also necessary for me to stay connected with the world. But the overuse of ant thing may lead to most serious issues, which connected throughout life. The nomophobic patients sometimes commit serious attempts if they are not taking it seriously. Some of the major problems can cause in a person being a cell phone addition these problems are:

Overloaded Information:

However, stay informed with the world is a healthy thing but intake of over information about anything becomes dangerous. Watching videos, searching different related websites, checking feedback can lead to lower productivity at the workplace. In searching different thing take much time and isolate you for hours at a time. Over engaging with your cell phone can also cause neglect of your other work routine in daily life and make your life dependent on it.

Virtual Relationships:

Using social networking, texting, and engaging with gaming apps, these thing gives more value to your online rather than real-life relationship. Guarding with friends and relatives makes the environment joyful and happy when you are without a cell phone, but when using your cell phone in front of any healthy guarding or relatives, it will give the worst impression to them. However, the internet is the biggest place to meet new people. It connects you with the batter and some bad person too. A sometimes online relationship exists like a bubble. You make online friends and relationships with different people but, it will give you only a loss.

Online Compulsion:

Using different applications such as gaming, online shopping, gambling, and different activity is may disturb your real life. By online compulsion, it may lead to loss such as financial and often job-related. During scoring in a social application, there are so many companies advertising their products to sell them. Some time people unusually click on or purchase it. Most of the time you follow the leading trend and purchase expensive things online although, they cannot afford them. This thing makes a person financially affected and mentally disturbed. Internet gambling is the largest source of promoting gambling addiction throughout the world. Through online gambling, it becomes more accessible for a person to connect with the bad habits.

Cybersex Addiction:

Continuous use of the internet in a cell phone or any gauged give negative impact in real life. Because excessive use of the internet enhances negative thoughts in a person by watching bad videos and other wrong social activity. It also damages your life and social curriculum with your real friends and family members. A cybersex addiction somehow resembles a sex addiction and any person can become a part of this very easily. There are so many websites that are easily approached by cell phone addiction to doing this crime. However, cybersex addiction is also exaggerated, which the anonymous and unhealthy online guarding. 

Causes of Cell Phone Addiction:

The cause and effects of cell phone addiction are so harmful to the person who is addicted and the environment as well. When a person is suffering from cell phone addiction, it is very difficult for him/her to leave a cell phone for few minutes.  Because hormone present in a brain called dopamine release and alter your mood for it. The causes as effects are as follow:

Increases Anxiety Level:

When a person engages with their phone all the time, it has difficult to manage their time. Due to miss management of time, they have difficulty doing their work on time, and then they fall into severe depression and increase anxiety levels. Mostly this condition is found in your school and college students. They often engage with their cell phone and spending more time in social applications to show off to other batch members.

Sleeping Time Disturbs:

Overuse of cell phone and any online gauged make disturb your sleeping time. Due to the sleeping time disturbance, directly impacts your mental health. It mostly affects your brain memory. Other mental diseases such as affect thinking ability, decrease learning skill, and cognitive behavior also affected.

Loneliness and Depression:

While using a cell phone, you lose yourself and fall into depression. Sometimes, cell phone addicts have a phobia that, they leave their phone for an hour, miss their online guarding, and feel lonely. These thoughts make a person falls into depression and other mental disorders.

Neck Problem:

People should have to avoid excessive use of social networking sites and gaming activity. If a person gives more time to it causing neck problems such as neck pain, neck muscle shortening. When a neck problem becomes severe, it may cause a shoulder problem as well, which may lead to a change in posture. 

Eye Site Problem:

In compulsive online socializing and gaming is a major cause of eye site weakness. It may lead to dangerous eye infections and causing a variety of eye diseases as well. Due to the eye site disturbance, it can cause headache and feels like illness.


 A cell phone has become a need for every person in the modern world. But the excessive use of cell phones makes a person physically and mentally disturb also. If a person feels that they giving more time to your cell phone and avoiding their other daily activity. So, they should rehabilitate it initially. If they are not controlled it at starting they may be facing difficulties in physical and mental level as well.

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