Can Yoga Improve Your Posture?

Can yoga improve your posture? Well, the answer is Yes! Your posture is important and tells a lot about you. Not only can it make you look taller but also has an impact on your confidence. When your body posture is not correct while sitting or standing or sleeping, it can have an impact on your impression as well as health.

If you think that you need to improve your body posture, then Jindal Naturecure has great ways for you. Read ahead to explore these ways.

1. Practice Mountain Pose

yoga to improve posture

Known for promoting good health and fitness, this naturopathy institute believes that mountain pose can vertically align your body. Mountain pose or tadasana can seem simple but actually requires your focus. Doing it with complete focus every day will drastically improve your posture.

In case you have a tendency to slouch often, then that can also be removed with this pose.

2. Try Standing Forward and Bending

yoga pose to improve posture

Standing forward and bending is a variation pose. In this, you need to stand up with hands kept behind your back. Then try scrunching your shoulders upwards. Then slide your shoulder blades downwards. This pose will add more strength to your spine and also make it more flexible, as is believed by this Naturopathy institute.

3. Practice Bridge Pose

yoga to improve posture

This is a great opener pose for your shoulders and chest. These are the areas of your body that often get affected when your body posture is not correct. For practising this pose, first, lie on your back. Bend your knees. Keep your feet flat. keep your elbows bent alongside ribs. Ensure that your fingers and forearms point towards the ceiling. Then make your palms face each other.

Jindal Hospital Bangaloresuggests that Bridge pose or setu bandha sarvangasana can stretch your chest and help you sit in a better way.

Bottom Line

Your body posture is one of the first things that someone will notice about you. To improve it and keep it right, you can practice the 3 poses suggested here. Practising these poses will gradually improve your posture and strengthen your spine. You will experience a boost in your confidence too. And you will see an amazing response on how yoga improve your posture.

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