Argan oil Side Effects and Risk Factors:


Argan oil is present in pure form, which is native to Morocco. It is an essential oil extracted from the kernels from its nutty fruits present in the argan tree. It is mostly sold as pure oil, but some people like it to intake other forms such as cosmetic products and capsules. Sometimes, it uses to cook foods to stay healthy and treat their problems most probability cardiac problems. There are so many uses of Argan oil for dermatological propose and hepato-protective side effects. However, its overuses may lead to cause serious issues.

Side Effects of Argan oil:

Everything required the right way to use to gives benefits. Over or excessive use of anything can reach to cause very severe side effects. The same thing with Argan oil is an amazing oil to increase your beauty. If you get overuse it, it may give severe diseases. Following are the side effects of Argan oil by excessive uses:

Skin Irritation:

However, Argan oil is beneficial for skin care treatment, but excessive use may also cause skin irritation. It can also cause different categories of skin rashes or acne.

Skin Allergies:

Some people have allergies to nuts .the causes severe allergies and rashes on skin and throat infection. Argan oil is an extraction from nuts. That is why it is easily causing some serious skin diseases and infections, which may become dangerous after a few applications. So, it is a red signal to the nut allergies person to apply it on the skin or any other use.

Digestive Up Sets:

When Argan oil use orally to improve their metabolism it may cause digestive upset. It means that the pure form of Argan oil speed up the working of the stomach, and causes diarrhea, nausea, and gastric problems. Sometimes, it may also lead to more severe and causes loss of appetite or bloating. It is the major cause of stomach ulcers. The over intake of Argan oil can experience skin issues such as acne.

Mental Diseases:

The oral supplements have more side effects rather than pure form. The excessive use of oral supplements may lead to mental illness, which is a  serious issue. It causes major issues such as mental confusion, depression, over-excitement, general discomfort feeling known as Malasia, sleeping difficulty, and agitation. These conditions may become critical when if you not avoiding using their supplements.

Taste Impairment:

Although, Argan oil taste is so good. It contains a nutty flavor with amazing figurines. But when used in the long term. It damages your taste bud. This case appears when using Argan oil as a supplement or by intake of it.


Everything has its uses and side effects. These side effects are caused due to their overuses or any kind of allergies. However, Argan oil is a natural product and rich in benefits. If your want to get their benefits. So first, you have to consult with your doctor and pharmacies then use it.

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