Are ED meds related to the lowered risk of death from colon cancer?

Are you suffering from ED and have colon cancer? Well, you might be happy to hear that recent studies have suggested that ED medicines Kamagra 100, Viagra, and Cenforce can additionally lower the death risk from colon cancer.

To be specific this is not just good news for you but for all those patients who have ED and colon cancer at the same time. And for curing their ED they are using drugs containing PDE-5 hormone inhibitors such as the drugs available in the market that include generic substances like Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil, and Avanafil.

What is the study all about?

The study was conducted by scientists in Sweden who were looking at the effects of ED drugs like Fildena, Viagra that contain PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substance on the lowering death risk in the patient due to colon cancer.

The studies suggest that indeed the positive effects of the ED drugs are quite promising and more research is sure to be conducted in this field in the recent future.

After all, the adjustment for the potential cause of risk from colon cancer scientists has stated that a  significant population who were using ED drugs and were also suffering from colon cancer at the same time were at significantly at low risk from death from colon cancer.

It was all due to the effect of the PDE-5 hormones that helped the person to survive and lower the risk for colon cancer.

How did scientists conduct the experiment?

The scientists in Sweden had identified a group of randomly chosen 11,300 cancer patients all of whom are were suffering from colon cancer. And then the patients out of this group formed a new group of those patients who were also suffering from ED and took ED drugs like Cenforce 100 daily.

After studying them for around more than 4 years it was found that only 10% of those who used ED drugs had died while those while in the group that did not use ED drugs around 17.5 % people have died. 

What conclusions were obtained as a part of the research?

He leads scientists and researchers to conclude that men who used ED drugs for curing ED in addition to suffering from colon cancer had a lower death rate and a much higher chance of survival.

To add to this the scientists also suggested that the risk was even lower in those cases where the colon cancer is still in its premature stage and in those patients who were using chemotherapy and surgery to lower the risk of colon cancer.

The scientists are not yet sure of how the PDE-5 drugs like Kamagra 100, or Viagra have this anti-tumor effect on the cancerous cells.

They said that dedicated and pursued research ash to be conducted to know more about how the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting generic substances in ED drugs could lower the risk of death.

How come the scientists are interested to conduct such an odd experiment?

The scientists had earlier conducted similar experiments in mice that were yielding the same results that gave the same results.

How can ED drugs help you in surviving colon cancer?

Although the process of how this anti-tumor effect is occurring the scientists have formulated an idea based on some observations from the research. It is found that PDE-5 hormones that regulate the blood flow in the blood vessels. The PDE-5 hormones are formed from a gene in the body called the PDE5A gene.

People who have this gene in higher amounts in their body had a much higher chance and even carried a significantly higher death risk of suffering from colon cancer.

It is not exactly clear to the scientists how having the PDE5A gene increases the risk of colon cancer death in patients but they believe that the tumor cells gain access to the PDE5A gene and recruit it to further cause the effects.

The scientists also made a discovery that is worth mentioning here. It has been found that people who are undergoing surgical treatment for their colon surgery and recently had an open colon surgery were showing signs of relapses of colon cancer.

Scientists have said that due to stress from the surgery and due to less immune activity such relapses can occur.

Thus due to the activity of the PDE-5 hormone inhibitors that are found in the ED drug such as Fildena you are stopping the formation of PDE-5 hormones and thus it is preventing the formation of malignant tumors in the body.

This also hinders the growth and reproduction of the cancer cells and thus cancer does not get severe over the years due to regular use of the ED drugs.

What are the major challenges that remain?

Many challenges remain and those have to be cleared in due time. The scientists were not able to study and formulate a clean observation that is effective on all the patients.

Only a certain proportion of the people showed fewer chances of death from colon cancer who were also taking ED drugs like Cenforce 200.

The scientists also failed to give a clear cut idea on how the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting generic substances like Sildenafil and Tadalafil was able to lower the death risk.

Thus many challenges remain and there needs to be further studied and researches that have to be continued in this field to find out more about these.

But even still the observations made from the experiment were quite encouraging and were far beyond expectations. 

Earlier experiments were not conducted so this study on the effect of ED drugs like Kamagra Jelly should form a base for further studies.

One of the most important challenges that remain from this concluded experiment is whether ED drugs containing generically PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substances can be used for curing colon cancer.

And most important all can the ED drugs then be used even by those for curing colon cancer who are not suffering from ED.

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